1. Can I use wireless in my apartment?

We provide a wired connection to your apartment. You can use or purchase a wireless router so that you can use your Internet wirelessly in your apartment. This is your responsibility. We provide service to an Ethernet port or to the Ethernet port of a DSL modem in your apartment.  We do recommend the you buy the best possible router and chose one that offers dual bands (both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz).

2. We have a wireless router but our Internet keeps dropping, why?

If you are in an apartment building with lots of wireless routers and lots of wireless computers there is a lot of wireless interference. This can cause your computer to lose connection with your wireless router. The solution is to try and find a less congested channel to run your wireless router on. When you are in close proximity to lots of other people running wireless , this will cause you lots of problems.  To make sure that it is your wireless connection and not your Internet connection, plug your computer directly into the Ethernet port provided by getwireless.net and see if your Internet connection drops. If it is wireless Interference another solution is to hard wire (run Ethernet cable from your router to your computer) your computer. This will resolve that issue and help you determine whether the issue is related to the Internet service or your router.

3. I am not getting the speeds I am subscribed to, why?

What we have found that in almost every situation where people are having problems, they are dealing with WiFi issues and WiFi interference and/or routers and or devices that can’t handle the noisy wireless environment or can’t deliver the faster speeds of the actual Internet connection. We don’t have any control over the wireless environment in your apartment or building.

Wireless (WiFi) in apartment complexes is a difficult and challenging wireless environment due to so many wireless devices operating in an unlicensed frequency creating wireless interference. But we know and are sure you do as well how important solid Internet service is for your life and for your school work. You are spending a lot of money for your education and you want to make sure that your router and your wireless are not your bottleneck. That is why we recommend that you get one of the best routers available (They are usually in the $200-250 price range), and/or plug in directly to your router with your computer via Ethernet whenever possible.

Here are two good articles that talk about how to determine whether a problem is with your ISP (getwireless.net), your router or a wireless issue and how to best deal or mitigate the wireless issues:

Another reason that you can see slow downs on your wireless network during peak/busy periods is because there is a lot more interference from other nearby users and devices also using wireless at those same times. So by using some of the tips from the articles above to optimize your wireless network you can help mitigate those issues.

4. How can I determine if I can get your service?

We have a list of buildings posted on our website where our service is available. We have worked with those building owners to install our own high speed Network infrastructure in those buildings. The connection is going to be via our High Speed Ethernet network or via ADSL2+/vDSL, which is the latest in DSL technology, very low latency and high speed.

5. What do you install in my apartment?

We service downtown apartments in two different ways. In some buildings we have Ethernet, meaning we have an Ethernet port in your apartment. You can hook a router up to the Ethernet port to share the Internet with your roomates. In other apartments we use ADSL2+/vDSL, this is a very fast form of DSL. The DSL modem has an Ethernet port that you can plug your computer into or you can plug a router into the Ethernet port and share the connection with your roomates. For apartments that are served by ADSL2+/vDSL, we will send a technician out to install and test the modem in your apartment. If you signup for service prior to August 10th, we have worked with many apartment owners so that we can get into the apartments before you return and install the modem so that it will be ready the day that you get to your apartment for school. If we are not able to get into your apartment ahead of time, we will call you and schedule a time when our technician can come and install your service.

6. How do troubleshoot my service?

Here is a short video that will show you how to troubleshoot your service:

7. How do I connect a router to the service?

7. Can I download an Installation Guide?

Download Installation Guide

8. I am into online gaming. Can I play online games with Getwireless.net’s service?

Yes, you can play online games with Getwireless.net. Our network is optimized for online gaming service both for PC’s and gaming consoles, and there are no additional monthly charges to hook up your game console to our service.